What’s Allowed In Strip Clubs And What’s Not? A Guide For Visitors!

Bored of the same old pubs and restaurants? If you are in Dallas, you should definitely make time for adult entertainment. There are some incredible strip clubs in the city, and some are obviously better than others. Men often have weird fantasies about things that happen in these places, but having a realistic understanding of what’s allowed, and what’s not, does help in having more fun. In this post, we are sharing all the details before you step into a Dallas strip club.

What’s allowed?

  • To have fun. The moment you enter the strip club, be ready to see some amazing women on stage and all around you. Note that gentlemen’s clubs in Dallas are just topless, and not full-nude, by law, but that doesn’t really make a difference.
  • To get a lap dance. If you are new to strip clubs and have never tried a lap dance, this should be on your priority list. Lap dances are fun and incredibly entertaining, and the price is decided by the house, so the stripper won’t ask for a fortune.
  • To tip. This is actually very much recommended. Gone are times when $1 tip was considered to be enough. If you are a good strip club in Dallas, make sure to pay at least $5. Take cash with you in the pocket, so that your wallet is away.
  • To get drunk! Alright, it is okay to get drunk at a strip club, as long as you are not disturbing others or misbehaving with the girls. Order drinks and keep ordering every hour to ensure that your table is reserved.



What’s not allowed?

  • Taking pictures. All strip clubs take the privacy of their girls really seriously, so don’t even try to take photos on the stage or when the strippers are around you.
  • Misbehaving with strippers. You are not allowed to misbehave with strippers. Keep in mind that these are girls who are there to entertain you. Don’t use slang language or try to grope them.

If you are going for a lap dance, ask the DJ if he can play a song of your choice, for an extra fee. Take your gang of boys along, because strip clubs are more fun when you have company. By the way, most clubs in Dallas will allow you to take your girlfriend along – provided she doesn’t mind the experience. Go ahead and blaze it out on a Saturday evening!