Taking Your Child To A Symphony: Things To Know!

Every child should know and appreciate classical music. At the least, kids should be introduced to the genre, and there cannot be a better option than taking them to a symphony. Your child’s first symphony should be one designed for kids. Unlike adults, children have a wavering mind, and as a parent, you need to prep them for the experience. In Dallas, there are event venues that organize for children’s chorus at Christmas, and these are small shows that are worth the experience and will prep your child for symphony. Having said that, here are some quick things you need to know about taking your child to a symphony.

Enjoy some music at home

Like we mentioned, kids have a very wavering mind, where they may not be able to explore the whole symphony experience in one go, but you can change that. Start by introducing your child to longer pieces of music at home, preferably something that will make sense to them. See if your child can listen to the music without being distracted. Slowly, you can introduce them to the world of classical music. Live music requires a patient audience, and that’s the first thing you need to teach them.

Check for the best venues

There are many venues, even known symphony venues, that actually do their part to bring shows and events for children. Check if they have concerts for kids, and if possible, try and get the best possible seats. Some places have limited seats, it is best to book in advance. Usually, these events are usually not very long, so the duration shouldn’t be much of a problem. Make sure that your child is aware of what the experience is likely to be like.

Keep it easy

You don’t want your child to feel intimidated by the idea of a symphony. Instead, they just need to know what the experience is about. Don’t stress too much on how they should dress and behave, as long as they know they are supposed to stay silent. For the event, try and reach at least half an hour before time, so that your child can get around and see what the symphony setup is all about.

Kids can make mistakes, applaud at the wrong time, and get away with all that, because concerts and symphony events for kids are designed with the little audience in mind. Just let them have fun.