Symphony Etiquettes Simplified: Follow These Basic Tips!

If you are in Fort Worth and plan to enjoy a symphony concert, you will find a bunch of options to choose from, almost every month. For the uninitiated, symphony is typically about classical music, where numerous musicians – often more than hundred – take part. They play according to a score, and there is a person called the conductor, who coordinates the show and gives instructions to musicians. Symphony concerts involve wide range of instruments, including percussion, strings, woodwinds and brass.

Once you have shortlisted concerts in Ft Worth and booked your tickets, the next step is to prep up for the event. In this post, we have symphony etiquettes simplified for you!

  • What to wear? This is often a common question new guests have in mind. Note that the location of the symphony may have guidelines, but ideally, it is safe to wear business attire. You can choose to anything that’s semiformal.
  • Can you bring children? Well, that’s something you need to call the venue and ask. Some places have rules for certain concerts, where children are not allowed, while there are concerts with a smaller format that are meant for kids alone. You can call up the hall to know if the event is appropriate for your child.
  • When to come? Symphony concerts start at a particular time, and guests are not allowed to enter, once the event has started. It is always best to come at least 30 minutes before the actual time. You will find seats easily and seek help, if needed.

  • Can guests bring phones inside the halls? Yes, you are allowed to take your electronic gadgets and phones inside, but all devices must be on the airplane or switched-off mode. If you expect an emergency call, make sure that you tell the usher about the same, before the start of the symphony.
  • What if the guest is late? You will be still allowed to get in, but in one of the pauses in the concert. Do not try to make your way into the hall. The ushers will guide you when to step in.

As for applause, follow the lead of other guests. It’s customary to applaud when the concertmaster and conductor step on the stage. During the performance, wait for a piece to finish, or just check and wait for others.

Lastly, do not talk during the symphony – It’s considered one of the worst gestures.