Maplestory Magician Tips

As everyone knows magicians forces can be used for magic attacks and casting spells so here are a few valuable Maplestory magician tips that may help you with the game. First of all you should know that magicians are weak and also have to succeed to level 10 helping you to join another three classes.

Just realize that at the beginning of the sport it’s harder for magicians to kill opponents instead of the other classes. It is advisable to invest your skill points on nimble ft or three snails that’s for those who have money for potions or else if you’re a new player then spend your skill points on recovery.

Here are a few Maplestory magician tips when you’re ready to become magician. First of all you have to decide which kind of magician you need to become for example Lukless magicians have points put into INT and also the gear are more expensive compared to normal magician. Magicians can also utilize all the apparatus on any level.

Another Maplestory magician tip is the fact that if you’ve been trained by Mai in addition to suggested by Lucas you’ll be able to take Shank’s ship without having to pay and additionally get 100 HP in addition to 100 MP containers from Olaf. After you have arrived at Ellinia visit the magic library and call Grendel who’ll improve your max MP significantly in addition to provide you with 1 SP.

By utilizing covering throw when just beginning you’ll be able to battle much bigger monsters as well as for taking lower mushrooms it’s really worth using a set of red shells. If you have arrived at the first job you’ll advance and enhance your skills rapidly and you ought to have arrived at level 20. When you’re on level 20 you’ll e able to perform more damage than every other from the classes since you will be granted the special moment claw that is an extremely effective which you may spell.

So that you can take full advantage of your Maplestory magician tips you need to consider installing the Maplestory magician guide which will allow you to produce a effective character in addition to be a master in spell casting assisting you get the most from your abilities and skills. You must have expert magical skills as you’ve really low health insurance and without effective magical skills you’ll easily die as a result of the monsters.