Event Planners: Using Technical Suppliers From The Beginning

With regards to event planning, the significant relationship between event planners and technical suppliers is amazingly important. We have to interact very carefully, with trust and open communication, to make sure that the big event runs easily. Very frequently, the prosperity of a celebration relies upon the caliber of the preparation and planning which goes in it. So that as specialists in the event technology, this can be a particularly critical phase to obtain right. Regrettably, this really is where event planners frequently neglect to include their technical partners along the way – towards the hindrance of active in the event.

In my opinion, once the technical team is involved in the beginning – that’s, in the brainstorming and conceptualisation phase – there’s a larger chance the event will run more seamlessly, and also the event technology is going to be of the greater quality. Additionally, a lot of unnecessary expense, effort and time is prevented within the lengthy term. Here’s why…

The caliber of the tech support team and expertise may be the first step toward any event. When the technology and logistics aren’t of the high calibre and well structured, the whole event is compromised. Yet very frequently, a celebration is created not understanding exactly what the technical needs is going to be, and even, when the concept is realistic and within budget. When the technical supplier is active in the initial discussions, however, they are able to advise if the concept is technically viable, which venues are most appropriate, the likely costs, and then any unique technological and logistical challenges which might arise. By doing this, the big event manager can communicate the needs more precisely for their client, and expectations could be better managed according to the concept, technical abilities, and budget.

Allow me to paint a fast event planning scenario as one example of this time. A celebration manager pops up by having an idea to possess a huge ‘flying’ Brought screen in an event, held in a beautiful outside venue. Without talking to technical experts, the big event planners share the concept using their client, who loves the concept and wishes to proceed by using it. However, once the technical partner is later consulted, apparently , there aren’t any rigging points in the specified venue, and it might be hugely costly to set them up.

The big event planner then needs to revise your budget and also the timeline, which naturally upsets their client and throws a spanner within the proceedings. If the technical specialists have been consulted right from the start, a far more appropriate solution might have been found prior to the client was contacted using the concept, and then any angst might have been prevented.

Too frequently, event planners present their customers with ideas which are technically impractical, which is precisely where we are able to help – if involved from the beginning. Something that frequently arises is the fact that technical teams aren’t given lots of time to setup and rig equipment before occasions – however when things fail, those are the first ones to become blamed. Allowing the technical team in around the planning, however, this unhappy outcome may be easily prevented.

There are more advantages to involving your technical team in case planning stages. More often than not, technical suppliers have years of experience in case management world, and therefore are highly experienced in which concepts may and may not work, what new technologies are available these days, exactly what the safety and health needs are, realistic budgeting and timelines, floor layouts and hang-design, etc. At Strike Alliance, we also have an in-house design team that may handle staging, set-design and layouts for you personally.

In a nutshell, there’s a lot of experience and expertise inside a world-class technical team that frequently goes untapped. Very frequently, clients want the most effective in the event technology, however they neglect to understand the devices are only just like the technical team behind it.

So next time you plan a celebration and brainstorming an idea for the event’s technology, provide your technical suppliers a phone call and enable these to participate. You will likely reap the advantages.